Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A New Project and a Big Book Deal

For the past couple of months I’ve been working on a sort of secret project with BLACK GLOVE staff writer Brian M. Sammons. Not only is he a hell of a reviewer of horror film and fiction, but Brian's also fairly well known in the RPG field for his work with Chaosium. Anyway, we’ve been kicking this project back and forth through emails, week after week, both of us eager to get started on it, but alternately constrained by time and deadlines (and my own medical issues). Mostly we’ve been in agreement on the basic points to do with our chosen subject matter; other times, not so much.
I think that’s to be expected when you have two knowledgeable experts in the genre coming together on a project of this magnitude and importance.
But I won’t sugar coat the process up to this point: At times, it’s been somewhat of a challenge for both us to keep on the path of compromise; but I think, because we’re such horrorheads, cut from almost the same cloth of horror upbringing, that we have been able to respect one another’s attitudes and philosophies about our chosen subject matter.
And now, after all this time, it looks like we’re finally getting this book off the ground and into liftoff mode.
Ooops…did I spill the beans?
Yes, we are working together on not only one book, but a whole series of non-fiction books. A series that I think will ultimately become the acknowledged go-to guide in the genre, not only for the casual horror fan, but for the horrorheads out there who know their horror movies as well as we do.
There will be more updates as they become available. We're querying publishers and should have some feedback quite soon.

On another publishing front, I'm finally getting the go ahead from one of my publishers to spread the good word about another new release. This one from a fairly large publisher. Just waiting for the last of contracts to get back to me signed and then I can spill the beans on this huge news.

--Nickolas Cook


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