Monday, June 21, 2010

My first post...

Well, I decided it was time to start a real author website, since I have a few new books headed out into the world within the next few months or so. These days an author with no web presence is pretty much playing only half a hand in the publishing game.

So this is where I'll post my thoughts on writing, life and horror, in general.
I promise to minimize the whining, folks. Nothing is more irritating to me as a reader/fan than to find my favorite writers are prima-donnas and self centered assholes, who will go on for pages about a stubbed toe or the intensity of their mirror gazing/naval contemplation.
I'll keep you all up to date on what's happening with THE BLACK GLOVE Magazine and my new releases.

I promise lots of pug pictures. HA! With two new babies in the house, we're going to have plenty of those, believe me.

Besides pugs, books, movies, music and my wife, I love other things. Good food is one of those things. So you can also look forward to recipes, recommendations, etc., etc. I spent the better part of my early tweens and twenties working in kitchens, managing restaurants, building menus from scratch for several of them. I know food. Love it. I'm a self taught gourmet and wine/beer connoisseur, so, yes, we'll talk alcohol. Indeed...much talking about it.

That's all for the first post, I think.

Tomorrow, time permitting, I'll catch you guys up on what's coming down the pike from me book wise in the near future.

Be sure to stop by my Facebook page and 'friend me'. I'm fairly entertaining and don't post crap every few minutes about the state of my fecal matter. I swear.

Until then, here's a little pug love! Our new babies: Bela, the black one, and Vincent, the fawn with black. They're brothers and hate to be separated (hence, why we got both of them).

--Nickolas Cook

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